Fall House Cleaning Tips


Great Fall House Cleaning Tips For Everyone!


After six months since the big Spring Clean it’s probably time for a Fall Clean Up! You may have a special regime for your annual Spring time tidy-up and the same can be true for your autumn cleaning as well. Fall house cleaning may be difficult without good preparation. If you don’t have enough time or experience, it may last forever. That’s why it’s so important to pick a reliable, quick and efficient house cleaning services like Pure1 House Cleaning Services in Schaumburg. Here are some fall cleaning tips to add to your house cleaning checklist for this season:

  1. First of all, put the summer toys away! This is fall cleaning, which means it’s likely starting to get a little chillier outside. Now is the time to deflate lake and pool loungers and blow up toys and throw swimsuits back in storage. If you have a summer patio set or patio umbrella, it may be time to put those in storage as well as they could be damaged by the changing weather and you’ll likely be spending a little less time outdoors as the temperature cools.
  2. An important part of fall cleaning is washing your windows well! If you can’t reach the tops of large bay windows, contact a professional. The colder weather can make stuck on dust and marks stick to your windows and become difficult to remove. By adding window washing all of your windows to your fall cleaning checklist you can avoid trying to scrap these marks off in colder weather or having to wait until summer!
  3. Be sure to clean those areas that you don’t often remember to clean: window treatments, baseboards, steam the carpets and check that your kitchen is well organized and clean.

Do you have any fall clean up tips? Comment below with your top fall cleaning chores!

Fall House Cleaning Tips
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  1. I want to do a deep clean this fall. I had no idea that an important cleaning part is to wash your windows. Another thing to consider is to get a home cleaning service to help you that is licensed.


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