The Big 6 of Spring Cleaning


Spring Cleaning Chicago

With spring in full swing, is your home in desperate need of some spring cleaning? If so, you are not alone. Spring cleaning is a practice that has been around for centuries. The origins are many, but some of the most popular theories include: Passover, the Persian New Year, and its practical use.

The Jewish people practice a form of spring cleaning as Passover approaches. They clear their homes of all leavened bread products prior to the holiday. For the Persian New Year, Iranian families “shake the house,” cleaning every last nook and cranny. Nothing is missed, including drapes and furniture. Many other cultures have similar practices.

Perhaps the most relevant idea is the pure practicality. In climates with constantly changing weather, Chicago being a great example, it just makes sense to clean in the spring. In the winter, all sorts of undesirable things get tracked into the home: mud, road salt, germs, and more. While you can clean throughout the winter, these will be tracked in the next time you enter the home. If you clean once spring hits, there is less to track in, and you are ridding your home of the accumulated dust, germs, and overall mess.


Spring Cleaning Checklist

If the practicality is not enough to consider a spring cleaning spree, consider this: recent studies have linked anxiety and depression to clutter in the home. Check out our checklist below to help make your spring cleaning an effective one.

  • Wipe down walls and ceilings: It is easy to accumulate dust and grime in the winters, when you spend a lot of time indoors. The kitchen is especially at risk. Give every room a good wiping down.
  • Dust: Dust every room in your home. Frequently overlooked spots include books, shelves, and mantles.
  • Polish metal: If not wiped down regularly, metal surfaces and fixtures such as ovens, counters, or doorknobs can be filled with fingerprints. Wipe them down for a sleek, shiny look. As an added bonus, you will remove those winter germs!
  • Wax wood furniture: This will give your furniture a nice sheen, that also smells really nice.
  • Wash windows: With the snow, mud, salt, and falling leaves of the fall and winter, windows can get grimy fast, without even realizing. Give them a good scrub. Enjoy the fresh flood of sunlight into your home.
  • Get rid of clutter: Perhaps you suddenly have more things than you did before the winter. Throw away or recycle garbage as appropriate. Also, consider donating items you no longer need.
The Big 6 of Spring Cleaning
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